Sunday, April 25, 2010

Had a great meeting last night with a potential customer. He is a realtor and owns a rental he is going to sell. It's a great house, the onle problem... CATS!!! The renter had 4 cats and the house stunk so bad that I was sick by the time we got done with the tour. He poor guy will have to rip up all the carpets and repaint to get taht smell out. Crazy what some renters do the houses the live in.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So I finished a pretty nice size staging job the other day. I put in way more hours than expected but the end result was great. I was working with mostly the homeowners own pieces so I was somewhat limited. In the end it turned out great and I got lots of praise for my efforts at the broker open!

One things I did learn... If you have a favorite cleaner that you use at your own home, DONT use it at a home that has a funny smell... I can't use my favorite cleaner any more because it reminds me of the cleanup at this house... The staged home smells good now but it didn't when we started...